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We believe that sustainable growth can only be achieved by simultaneously nurturing the individual, as well as raise the communication- and collaboration culture of leaders, team and corporation. 

By integrating these growth-oriented and humanistic values in our training we create a powerful learning environment in which your people can excel.

talk to us about the impact of interactive online talk-show style workshops.


LEADERSHIP Workshops and Learning Events


LONG-TERM Workforce Development Programs

PERSONAL PERFORMANCE and Self- Optimization 


KEYNOTE learning events live or talk-show style online

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and the EXPERTS you need us to be.


KARIN KEARNS partner, co-owner

German/American bi-national. Master trainer, executive coach, performance- and stage trainer and committed innovation-doer and thinker.

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Neil Benfield

NEIL BENFIELD creative partner, British/ German bi-national, trainer and facilitator. Passionate dog lover and marathon runner. Neil brings over 20 years experience in workforce training and development for large multi-nationals.

Felipe Rebello

FELIPE REBELLO business partner. Polish/ Portuguese bi-national. Trainer, innovation strategist, digital design specialist with advanced aspects of B2B sales, and applied digital solutions in business. 


VICTOR BRAZ DA SILVA partner, co-owner

Portuguese/German bi-national enthusiastic educational consultant, trainer, and IT geek in the CRM and ERP environments.

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Anahita Moghaddam

ANAHITA MOGHADDAM creative partner, executive coach, trainer, speaker. Her work is rooted in Contemplative Science and Buddhist psychology. One of Anahita's workshops "The Awakening Organization", exemplifies her unique approach to leadership development. Anahita is Iranian.

Joachim Beyer

JOACHIM BEYER, studio chief, golfer, motorbike race driver, solutions manager, hands-on tech brain. He keeps

the studio and the technology in top shape.

Scherin Beuther

SCHERIN BEUTHER collaboration partner

German national, trainer, speaker, wife, mother, master coach, sports enthusiast, passionate researcher, and creative powerhouse. 


MATTHIAS JACKEL creative partner, author, trainer, keynote speaker, co-owner of the Steigerhaus Seminar Center. Facilitator of interactive rhythm workshops with over a million corporate participants to create powerful hands-on experiences of how to successfully connect and cooperate in teams and organizations.


JOBST SCHAEKEL, our cool dude... musician, composer, sound pro, entertainer,  event master and studio support team.

Mateusz S.

“Thank you for an exceptional training experience. I am impressed with your expertise and I’m truly grateful for the positive impact you've had on my knowledge and skills.”

Workshop Participant

“It opened many barriers. Like I didn’t know I can write… or be a good speaker… we can break the barrier and achieve anything that we aspire.”

Workshop Participant

“Happy and absolutely thankful that I was able to participate in the Creative Mindset Workshop with Karin Kearns… thank you …”

Workshop Participant

“Great group, awesome trainer, great and thoughtful content! Everything exceeded my expectations!”

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