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2-day workshop


prolific leader


Empowered self- and people management
Confidence and ease in uncertain times through prolific thinking
Agility and skill in handling crucial dialogue and meetings
Leading the "ensemble" culture with teams, clients and partners

the prolific leader -

a person ​marked by abundant inventiveness, 
mental productivity and growth-oriented mind.

DAY one

PRIME THE MIND - work head, heart and body to kick-start your prolific mindset. Open up fresh perspectives and tap into the world of new creative thinking.

Focus: understanding your personality from idea-formation to expression and action-taking.


MASTER THE ART OF IMPROVISATION - in the afternoon we'll take a deep dive into the thrilling world of improv theater and learn the powerful skills of improv.

Improv is all about powerful dialogue styles, agility, drive, contribution. It's about the courage to lead, the will to perform, and the empathy to include.

how we do it...

...we will work with a dynamic mix of business coaching, stage training techniques and performance psychology. 


Together, we'll go on this transformational trip to inspire positive change and to equip you with useful skills and know-how for your professional and personal journey.

The workshop is highly interactive, relevant and impactful.

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DAY two



WORK THE IMAGINATION - develop the art of storytelling in business to inspire greater engagement, “humanize” processes, and activate the imagination.


We'll get to the point with the elevator pitch, work on speech-style and voice, and develop story arc and style.


GROOVE TO THE BEAT - responsive team performances take centerstage in the afternoon. We'll lean on the basics of jazz to empower the ensemble-style team culture.

We apply constructive challenge through music as an innovation trigger, and solidify the efficiency of SafeSpace Solo vs. SafeSpace Collective during the ideation process.


duration: 2-days
Company groups with up to 15 participants

upon request
Online or live at your location
Language: English or German
Target group customization
Customized post-workshop practice app




online training

talk-show style

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