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1-day workshop

the curiously powerful art of

elevate your communication mojo

AGILE and confident in negotiations, challenging talks and meetings

INSPIRED to motivate more engagement and collaboration in others

Ready to DELIVER charismatic SALES PITCHES and presentations

PRO-ACTIVE in supporting a co-creative team culture

what we will do...

We'll take a deep dive into the thrilling world of improv theater to learn the skills of powerful communication and conversation practices.

We'll work with dialogue styles, go past our comfort zone more than once, and upskill the courage to lead, the will to perform, and the empathy to include.

how we do it...

...we will work with a dynamic mix of business coaching, stage training techniques and performance psychology. 


Together, we'll explore the powerful impact words, actions, habits, beliefs and perspectives have on personal and professional relationships

The workshop is highly interactive, great fun and... a true game changer.


duration: 1-day
open groups or

company groups with up to 15 participants

upon request
online from the studio, or live at your location
delivered worldwide
language: English or German
customized post-workshop practice app



online training

talk-show style

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