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Presentation Skills Training

Powerful Presentation and Negotiation Skills

Deliver a powerful presentation, get in top-form for an upcoming negotiation, an interview, a team event or an important work project? 


There are many essential skills that are expected from leaders, sales people and individuals of all walks of life. Speaking excellence, engaging presentations, effective negotiation skills  and powerful interview skills are all essential for both professional and personal success and wellbeing. Perfecting negotiation and presentation skills is a powerful confidence booster. Targeted skills improvement is what you will develop during the training with Karin Kearns.

Hiring the right presentation trainer and coach can be daunting. Here's what to look for:

You don't want a theorist, but an experienced and qualified presentation coach and eloquent performer.  On-stage confidence is a must. Understanding the interplay between contents, structure and stage personality is essential and must be part of any successful presentation and speakers training. Karin Kearns offers over 25 years of presentation excellence, stage presence and speaking skills training. The training is targeted, interactive, comprehensive and - fun. 

An effective presentation or interview is (almost) all about personality. Stage presence and an engaging and focused talk is half the battle won. Contents is, of course, the heartbeat of an excellent presentation. But how to bring it across so that your audience doesn't fall asleep? Is your presentation structured and interesting? Does your audience enjoy watching you? Do you come across as authentic and trustworthy? Do you feel confident and at ease? Working with your presentation trainer or coach addresses skill, personal presence, visual effects, authentic speaking and mastery of contents. 

The reputation of your presentation skills trainer matters. Ask for references, and talk to your coach. With you can book a negotiations skills or presentation skills consulting session free of charge.

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