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workshop series 

the prolific leader

A powerful executive-level workshop for advanced leaders.

In uncertain times and global-upheaval, prolific thinking and acting means re-defining how we handle change and enable sustainable performance.


New generations and a diverse workforce expect a more agile and innovative approach from their leaders. 


A crucial aspect of prolific leadership is leading the "ensemble" corporate culture with teams, clients, partners and colleagues.

the innovation leader

A powerful workshop about the innovative mindset, knowhow and strategies for a sustainable future.

The focus of this workshop is visionary stewardship of people and organization. 


The need to find new personal, global and economic solutions, are all developed by facilitating agile innovation-thinking for teams and on executive level. 


In this powerful training you will expand horizons to meet challenges with true creative courage.

woman in the lead

This is about the woman leader – her personality, her impact and her skill to lead herself and others when old traditions and the new wind of the future collide.

For female leaders, advanced skills are called for. The young generation expects it and our male colleagues demand it. They want strength, empathy, flexibility and a new rhetoric.


This extraordinary 2-day workshop is about discovering empowered ways to lead and self-lead. It's about facing new challenge with courage, vision and curiosity.


Talk to us about your needs and what your current and planned development focus is.

We develop customized programs from the ground up

and help advance or upgrade your existing training programs.


We consult and deliver VIRTUAL ONLINE from the studio or LIFE at your location.

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