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The Team

In a modern business setting, an experienced team is everything.

To meet the needs of our clients, we rely on a network of experts that we are very proud of.


NEIL BENFIELD creative partner, British/ German bi-national, trainer and facilitator. Passionate dog lover and marathon runner. Neil brings over 20 years experience in workforce training and development for large multi-nationals.

FELIPE REBELLO business partner. Polish/ Portuguese bi-national. Trainer, innovation strategist, digital design specialist with advanced aspects of B2B sales, and applied digital solutions in business. 

Scherin Beuther

SCHERIN BEUTHER creative partner

German national, trainer, speaker, wife, mother, master coach, sports enthusiast, passionate researcher, and creative powerhouse. 

PROF. SAMIR KARAM, Brazilian, business partner, trainer, speaker, digital transformation lead in organizations through digital advancement and design-thinking.


Screen Shot 2022-12-14 at 1_edited.jpg

ANAHITA MOGHADDAM creative partner, executive coach, trainer, speaker. Her work is rooted in Contemplative Science and Buddhist psychology. One of Anahita's workshops "The Awakening Organization", exemplifies her unique approach to leadership development. Anahita is Iranian.

JOACHIM BEYER, partner, studio chief,

golfer, motorbike race driver, solutions manager, hands-on conceptual designer, builder, tech brain and media hound. He's

our rock that keeps the studio and the technology in top shape.

We do not deliver standard trainings. Each training is custom-designed and confidential.

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