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the female boss

This workshop is about the woman in the lead – her personality, the impact she has, and her role and responsibility in business.


It's about her courage and commitment to lead the company and its people with strength, vision and compassion.

presence, impact und role

Whether on the executive floor, in midst of project stress with the team, on-camera online, or in the family home, women are gifted jugglers.


Responsibilities, occasional self-doubt, emotional complexities, ambitions, and deep-rooted patterns merge. Yet new and stable leadership skills are called for, because the young generation expects it and our male colleagues demand it. They want strength, empathy, flexibility and a new rhetoric.


Wherever you show up as a leading woman, you are at the center. Your personality and your self-perception count.


This extraordinary 2-day workshop is about discovering fresh perspectives and empowered ways to lead. It's about facing new challenge with courage, vision and curiosity.

what we'll cover

leading ME

Body language, voice, and stage presence: focused, authentic, and persuasive

Pro-active communication: empathetic assertiveness and fearless expressiveness

What makes us strong as leading women, and what should we part with

The (mental and physical) space we claim, and the impact it has on external perception, relationship dynamics, and our personal well-being




Co-creativity: impacting commitment and collaboration in the team

More courage and resilience in critical conversations

Effective delegation: the 6 hidden buttons that men prefer to keep from you

Dealing with behavioral- and perspective issues in others

leading OTHERS

live from the studio

We'll stream the workshop live from our interactive talkshow studio.

You join us from your home office via MS Teams, and we welcome you together with a maximum of 10 like-minded women virtually in the studio.

Duration: 2-Days, 16 hours
Company Groups up to 10 

upon request
Online or live at your location
Language: English or German
Post-workshop practice app

day rate

company group up to 15 participants
Sales taxes and travel cost may apply



online training

talk-show style

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